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Why hire a locksmith?

Why hire a locksmith?

Hiring a locksmith to install your locks allows maximum security, reliability, and ease of use.

Save money elsewhere. Have your locks professionally installed.


It’s beneficial to have a locksmith out to your property at least once. Our job often requires unlocking homes, and repairing damage from forced entry. We can help you pick reasonable security goals, and choose the correct products to help you reach them. Goals and budgets vary, and hardware stores only cater a narrow section of the market. When a homeowner desires above average security we can offer solutions tailored to that homeowners specific needs. We are able to help you understand the actual limitations of the products you choose when applied to your specific property. We believe in giving our customers the most accurate information we can so that they make any subsequent decisions with accuracy and confidence.

The most powerful thing that we can do for you is provide accurate information. The last thing we want is for a customer of ours to be left with a false sense of security. While inspecting each door we ensure no weak points have been overlooked. Our main focus is to maximize the potential security these products provide, security is closely followed by reliability and ease of use. A slight error has the potential to detract from smooth operation. Installation mistakes can cause unusual clicks to be felt, make locks harder to turn, and require the door be pushed or pulled additionally after latching, to throw the bolt.  We take our time, and treat your property like it’s our own. Some parts of this work simply must be done correctly the first time, mistakes can cost you security, reliability, ease of use, beauty, or a combination. For your safety we urge you take your time. Correct installation is seldom fast installation. Please remember the safety of you and your family could be affected by the how well the lock operates.

Locks are not always a DIY project

We hope the day never comes that our customers need to depend on their locks, but if it does we know we installed the product correctly. The problem with residential locks is that they can look great, but be totally ineffective at the exact same time. When you buy locks from a hardware store or locksmith the odds are you buy entry level locks. Attention to detail makes the difference between a easy target for a break in and a door that encourages criminals to keep walking.