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Rekey Locks

Re-key your locks & secure your property today.

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Having your locks changed is a fast affordable way to reclaim the access control your locks can provide.


Why should you re-key your locks?

Re-keying your locks gives you a fresh start. You can sleep easy knowing exactly who has access to your property. Besides improving your security often we can also simplify your life a tiny bit by keying your locks alike, no more fumbling with your keys trying to find the correct one.

Why should you call us?

While you have one of our locksmiths on location you can expect them to pay attention to detail. If we notice you have weak points in your physical security we bring them to your attention and offer realistic, cost effective solutions to fit any budget. Most commonly we find our customers have strike plates that need to be reinforced we will swap your 1″ screws out for 3″ screws at no extra cost with purchase of a re-key.

Small adjustments can make a big difference in how well your locks work, and how long they last.


Schlage Deadbolt
Schlage Deadbolt with lock removed.
Schlage lock with new pins and new key.
Old keys no longer work with new pins.













What does it mean to have your locks re-keyed?
Having your locks”changed” or “re-keyed” means that you’re having the locks you already own changed on the inside. A locksmith changes the pins inside of the lock to work with a new key. The new pins are of different height, which match the new depths of the new key.

Will any of the old keys still work?
No. Once a lock is changed, the only keys that will work are your new keys.

Can I have all my locks work with the same key?
Yes, but first your locks must have matching keyways, for example if you have all Schlage locks on your home all the locks could be keyed the same. However if you have one Schlage lock and one Kwikset lock the two locks could not be keyed alike. One of the two locks would have to be replaced in order to key them alike. Most homes have just one keyway already.