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Latch Guards

Latch Guards for Commercial Doors

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Latch guards safely add security, and are especially useful when a door cannot use a bolt lock. Commercial properties face a unique challenge, we need them to be secure barriers and safe emergency exits.

Doors such as emergency exits and service doors are overlooked because they are rarely used. These doors are often heavy duty steel doors with steel frames, they have the potential to be strong barriers. Commercial doors armed with only a lever are a common target, and need another layer of protection before they begin to deter thieves with common hand tools. You need the right product installed the right way. This particular project shows how the wrong product can make the problem worse.


This door may look tough, but the flat steel used to cover the gap between the jamb and door was just a good place to pry.


We have replaced the previous scrap metal with high security full length interlocking steel astragals.


The female half is bolted to the door, and the male half is fixed to the frame. The outer female half enshrouds the male half as the door latches shut.


The interlocked halves protect the latch from being bypassed and deter forced entry.

Don’t be a soft target.