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Honda Ignition Repair

Honda Ignition Switch won’t Turn

Fixing a Honda High Security Ignition Switch

Honda has taken excellent security precautions safeguarding your investment in a Honda vehicle. Recent years have proved Honda’s ignition to fail occasionally due to normal wear. You should consider Northland Locksmith to be the most cost effective option you have when faced with a Honda ignition switch failure. We are able to rebuild these switches, using new wafers and springs to return reliability to your vehicle.

Honda Ignition Rebuild, old wafers & springs were removed and replaced.

Why do Honda ignitions fail?

The wafers Honda uses in their high security locks have a thin nodule which protrudes out to rest on on the key. When this tiny nodule begins to wear the ignition begins to fail, when the nodule is eventually worn off completely the entire wafer lays motionless. The key can no longer lift the wafer to its proper position with out a nodule to lift it with. These ignitions begin to fail more frequently over time, and incorrect “lubricants” further hastens degradation of the reliability the ignition can provide. WD-40 and graphite often gum the ignition up increasing the failure rate.

The top left image highlights where the wafers wear. These areas are where the key contact the wafers, when these contact point are worn down the lock begins to fail.