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High Security Residential Locks

High Security Residential Locks

Medeco High security locks are the ultimate first line of defense for home owners. They look and preform excellent. High security locks offer consumers superior protection from forced entry and maximum key control. Advanced mechanical design, high quality machining, and high quality materials combine to out-preform standard “off the shelf” locks from the hardware store. The difference between a traditional deadbolts and high security deadbolts is vast, many locksmiths might agree this would equate to the difference between a armored truck and regular truck.

  1. These locks are virtually pick proof
  2. They allow maximum Key Control. Only you can order keys for your locks from the manufacturer (who restricts key banks to only the owner or each lock.)
  3. They are extremely tough, and require much more force and skill to force open. They are trusted by prisons and high security government facilities across the globe.

The “advanced mechanical design” aforementioned

Anti-Picking and locks bumping

Everything about High security locks improves on the conventional pin & tumbler lock design. From the small internal pins and springs to the bolt,  the largest moving part. Conventional locks use pins of different length to cooperate with different depth cuts on a key. Medeco high security locks also use pins of different lengths to cooperate with different depth cuts on a key. In addition to multiple set depths Medeco uses cuts made at various specific angles. Medeco pins have to be set to the correct depth, and they also have to be turned facing the correct direction.

Medeco Bottom pin on the Left. Conventional bottom pin on the Right.

The “top pins” in conventional lock are small cylindrical brass pins, high security locks machine recesses into top pins to make them more difficult to pick and bump. 

Conventional top pin shown on left. Medeco high security top pin shown on left.

Medeco locks have a sidebar which is a secondary locking point that needs to be defeated to unlock a Medeco lock.

The top plug is a medeco lock boasting a robust side bar, the bottom a conventional plug.

“High quality materials”


Again from the smallest to the largest parts High Security locks use better materials. You can even see this in the Medeco’s top pins. Medeco pins use a internal steel pin to help resist drilling attacks.

Note the steel insert set within the brass pin.

Anti-drill cylinder & plug

Medeco uses 2 half moon anti drill plates. One plate protects the shear line, a common attack point for drill attacks, the other shields the side-bar. both the side bar and shear-line which must both be compromised to turn the lock cylinder (plug). Medeco plugs have 3 pins that stand vertically guarding the shear-line and 1 pin that lays horizontally in front of the side bar blocking drill attacks.


Medeco uses two half moon plates and 4 anti drill pins
on the left a Medeco lock, on the right is a conventional pin tumbler

In 2015 the US saw 104 Forced Entries Per Hour.

More than 1 in 10 break-ins are unsuccessful

Medeco Deadbolt
This is my personal Medeco Deadbolt. It might not be much to look at, it’s 20 or 30 years old but it still works great. You’ll find many locksmiths use these on their own homes.

Can High Security Deadbolt Locks stop Forced Entry?


1. High Security locks deter crimes of opportunity

2. High security locks defend against forced entry.

When properly installed, High Security Locks are difficult to bypass. They require high amounts of force, and a greater amount of time then a average lock. High security locks make forced entry noisy and time consuming. When they have been installed correctly they will not be kicked in, they are difficult to pry open, they are difficult to drill, and they are virtually pick proof and bump proof.

3. Bypass of these locks requires big tools.

These Deadbolts require extra leverage to pry open, or extra brute force to smash open. They are built to preform much better than a average deadbolt by using, solid brass construction, a high security strike plate, and a heavy bolt. In 2015 100,000 attempted forced break-ins failed that is 10%. There is hope. High security locks are just one part of a larger home defense system, but they are a important part. These lock can be defeated, but they will at very least give you extra reaction time. Every extra second you have to react to a emergency is priceless. High security deadbolts will likely stop random attempted break-ins, because they require bigger tools to force open.  These locks require longer thicker pry bars and bigger heavier hammers to smash. A potential burglar could easily arrive unprepared, even if he doesn’t realize it until he begins to work up a sweat working on your door.

Emergency services will be able to force your home open. Two firefighters working together using a set of irons will be able to access your home quickly if needed. High security locks are not the end all solution, they are far better than standard locks at deterring forced entry and provide superior key control.

4. Key Control

When you invest in a new high security deadbolt the key is patent protected for a certain amount of time. During that time only the manufacturer can make the key blanks. When a high security lock company such as Medeco has a key patent they use it to restrict access to the blanks. If you own a Medeco lock you use a photo ID and your unique Medeco card to purchase pre-cut keys sent directly from Medeco through a authorized dealer. Only you can get copies of keys for your lock. You cannot get uncut blanks, nor can your locksmith.

In summary high security locks:
  • Provide excellent key control
  • Provide excellent reliability
  • They are long lasting
  • They are serviceable, replacement parts are abundant
  • Deter experienced burglars on sight
  • Stop or slow forced entry
  • Virtually Pick-proof
  • Virtually Bump-proof
  • Dill resistant


*These locks are only one part of a larger home security system. They add security, but they cannot do the job alone.