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Commercial Door Lock Repair & Installation

We offer 24/7 mobile commercial locksmith service to Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding metro area. Call us now and secure your business today.


Commercial Door Lock Repair Services

Glass doors are commonly used for commercial applications. Commercial doors can take abuse day in and day out. Often seeing heavy traffic you probably have already had to repair yours. We are able to repair these locks, and service them. We work to help our clients choose the correct hardware for their doors so they get maximum reliability.

  • Broken Exit Devices can be repaired and replaced. We can repair levers, push paddles, pull paddles, panic bars, and thumb-turns.
  • Sticky Locks (key wont turn) can be rebuilt allowing you to lock and unlock your store with ease. If you wish to keep your current keys, no problem, we can make your lock cylinder to turn like new with your old key.
  • Door won’t latch? We can adjust your strike plate or door closer to help ensure security doors close completely every time.
  • Latch will not stay unlocked– This is due to improper installation or a broken lock body.
  • Vandalism repair after a break in is available 24/7. We can help you re-secure your business quickly.



Commercial Door Repair
This Adams Rite Hookbolt defended a prying attack, but required replacement afterwards. The bolt was bent by the would be burglars.

Commercial Storefront Door Lock Installation

Adding a deadbolt to your storefront door is a great way to increase security by denying thieves easy and quiet attack methods such as prying attacks. We can add secondary locks to doors even when you have no current holes for a second lock to placed into. Using a template and a router we cut out the proper holes and mount a new lock within the door.

Commercial Lock installation
When business owners want added security adding a deadbolt can be a simple solution.


Storefront lock router install
Using a router & routing template we cut out the proper holes so a lock may be mounted inside of the the aluminum door.
Adams Rite Flip Bolt
Deadbolts defend against easy break-in attempts such as prying attacks.

Egress Specific Hardware

Please defer to your local authority for the egress requirements specific to your property. This is only general information. Your exit devices must be appropriate for the occupancy load of the property you own or manage. We insist you contact your local building authority with any questions or concerns you may have concerning fire code & public safety.

MS Lever

Push Paddle

Saint Paul MN commercial hardware installation
Adams Rite Push Paddle Installed by Northland Locksmith.


Same push paddle install as above, side view