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Emergency Commercial

Commercial unlock service, key replacement, and lock change. Emergency commercial service available in St. Paul 24 hours.


Commercial Lock-outs

“We locked ourselves out of the office..”

We unlock commercial properties with non destructive methods whenever possible.  Its common for commercial doors to have pricey specialized hardware. Security doors to large buildings are often secured with high security locks. We always prefer non-destructive entry, but not all locks are likely to be picked open. The next best option is to cause minimal damage while drilling out a lock. When we are forced to force entry we do so in the least invasive way available. Call us now for unlock service.

Commercial Re-key & Master-key

“We fired a employee for theft this afternoon”

We know same day service can be critical for our customers. When you need to eliminate unauthorized  access having your locks changed is a excellent start. Reclaim access control, sleep easy knowing your office is locked securely.

Commercial Repair

“Our bathroom door lock just broke, we expect our lunch rush shortly”

Panic bars, push-paddles, levers, knobs, latches and deadbolts. Its no surprise your well used locks fail first. Your well used locks need to be repaired before you can lock-up and go home at the end of the work week. Broken panic bars, and other exit devices can be an enormous liability. Save our number in your phone and solve your problem that much faster. We keep our vans well stocked with a wide array of commercial hardware. We know what breaks frequently, we usually are able to make same day repairs.