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Northland Locksmith proudly provides emergency residential service to St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding metro area.

Twin Cities Locksmith Service area
We provide service across the entire Twin Cities 24/7

We understand that without warning life can create an immediate need to re-secure a home. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is giving our customers a renewed sense of safety and security. We believe every home owner deserves to feel protected in their home. We offer residential re-key service at all hours.

Residential Unlocks

“I’m locked out of my house.”

We can get your back into your home quickly. We specialize in non-destructive entry, in fact we typically leave your locks in better condition then we find them.

What needs to be done to re-secure your home?

“my purse was stolen with my keys and driver’s license.”

Our first priority is to eliminate lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised keys. We can re-key your existing locks eliminating the pre-existing keys.  Second, we ensure your locks provide reasonable resistance to forced entry. A “reasonable resistance to forced entry” is accomplished by having a properly installed deadbolt & strike-plate on each exterior door.

During a residential service call our locksmiths check that your locks are properly installed at no additional fee. Every deadbolt is inspected to make sure it’s bolt is fully thrown when locked, and each strike plate is secured to the door frame properly.

Re-key locks saint paul
This is a schlage cylinder plug, the pins are exposed resting on the correct key
after the locks is re-keyed the old key no longer can operate the lock. it will slide it, but it will not turn. This is because the pins no longer match.

Professional Lock installation & Replacement

“My door only has a knob, can you install a deadbolt?”

We can drill out your door to accept a deadbolt. Some doors are manufactured with only one hole pre-drilled for a knob or lever. Knobs and levers have proven themselves to be ineffective against forced entry. If you are concerned about forced entry we urge you to have a deadbolt professionally installed. We stock a variety of knobs and deadbolts on our service vehicles, available in multiple finishes.

Lock Repair

“My lock felt sticky, but now my key wont turn at all!”

We service and repair nearly every type of residential lock, including antique mortise locks. In many cases we can replace individual parts, other times it’s best to replace a lock entirely.