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Add Deadbolt to Door

Add a Deadbolt to a door (without a hole for one)

“Fresh Lock Installation”


Deadbolts are hands down the most cost effective way to increase the physical security of any doorway which lacks a preexisting one. Many doors come pre-drilled for just a knob, and have no hole to install a deadbolt. In many cases this is our preference, such as most interior doors, but most of us know deadbolts are important to have on all exterior doors of our homes. If your house has a door which is lacking a deadbolt consider hiring a professional to come drill a second hole in the door, and install a deadbolt for you!

We can add locks to wood, fiberglass or steel doors.

Match your existing hardware, and match the existing key!

We have a healthy stock of deadbolts, you can choose a color and we will match up the knob/lever key-way with new deadbolt. We install strike into the door jamb as well. The return on your dollar doesn’t get any better than this. Call us today and make an appointment to have a deadbolt added to a door. Knobs do very little to protect you from forced entry they are easily kicked in.