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Access Control

Access Control for Commercial Applications

Re-key, Master Key, High Security Locks & Electronic Access

There are multiple ways to secure a commercial property. We look at each case individually, and work with you to find the correct solution.

Re-keyed lock
Northland Locksmith can rebuild your current lock cylinders. Re-keying your current locks eliminates old keys, and improves lock function simultaneously.


Re-keying a lock will eliminate access through a particular entrance when a key is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. Often this is required to ensure building security due to employee turn-over. To re-key a lock it is removed, disassembled, and rebuilt. When we rebuild the locks we change the pins within it. The new pins will no longer match the old key, and you will be left with a new set of keys.  Re-key service is available 24/7.


Master Key Systems are helpful when you want to control who can go where within a property. We work with you to create a custom system that fits your needs exactly. A master key system is used to create varying levels of accesses to different employees. Higher level employees can enjoy full access without a confusing mess of keys, whilst newer lower level employees have only the access they need.


High Security Locks make unauthorized key duplication a thing of the past. You may distribute high security keys with out worry that they might be copied with out your consent. High security locks offer unrivaled key control while also greatly increasing the physical security of the areas they protect.

High security Lock
On the left a High Security lock. On the Right a traditional lock.
  • Anti Dill
  • Anti Pick
  • Anti Bump
  • Prohibited Key Duplication
  • Highly Reliable


Electronic Access control allows you to add or remove access with the touch of a button. In addition to user friendly controls many locks offer optional auditing. Use technology to know who comes and goes, and at what times.