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Residential locks + Schlage vs. Kwikset

Schlage vs Kwikset

Which lock is better and why?

When shopping at your local hardware store for new locks you will find two brands seem to reign supreme on the shelves. Schlage and Kwikset both offer different styles of locks, and those styles in multiple finishes and functions. Avoid Kwikset “Smart Key” locks all together, they can be forced to turn with simple brute force. Avoid Schlage’s “Dexter” locks, they are cheaper but for your money Schlage’s standard line is worth paying a little extra for.

Kwikset vs Schlage | Standard deadbolts side by side comparison

Photo Comparisons

Schlage bolt is harder and thicker, it also extends further back into it’s casing. The Schlage bolt is longer as well.

Kwikset bolt left. Schlage bolt right.
Schlage bolt top. Kwikset bolt Bottom.

Kwikset is missing something…

Schlage has a shield on the back of the lock that keeps it from being hammered down or off of the door. The Kwikset lock is lighter and softer, while the Schlage lock has anti-drill pins.

Kwikset, outside facing half of lock.
Schlage outside facing half of lock.
Schlage on the right weighs about twice as much. It makes the Kwikset look hollow.
Schlage’s lock (on left) fully fills out the holes bored in your door. the Kwikset looks the same from the outside but you can see here there is less mass to fight through.

Everything about Schalge is longer, thicker or harder. They use anti-pick spool top-pins, and steel anti drill pins.

Schlage locks are harder to force open, pick, and bump.

*Among your standard choices you may see Kwikset locks with “smart-key” technology, avoid them like the plague. The lock cylinders in these locks are actually plastic, yes, plastic. I have personally opened homes with smart key locks, since they  can’t be picked they must be forced. I use a hammer and a flat head screw driver to force it them to turn. It takes 20 seconds.






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Great information…I have always believed that this might be the case based on my own visual inspection, but I am confident after reading an article from a pro……Thanks

Thank you for posting this very useful info. We have both brands installed in our home, and thankfully all Schlage are on external entry doors.

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