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Having your locks changed… 7 Facts

When you call a locksmith to come change your locks, what should you expect?

  1. Having your locks changed means that the pins and springs inside your existing locks are replaced. This not only will increase your security, but also extend the life of your locks. Having a locksmith re-key your locks is usually cost effective when compared to replacing them yourself.
  2. How long does it take? Most residential service calls take about an hour, businesses may vary depending on the number of locks and complexity of a potential master-key system.
  3. You should expect new, freshly cut keys. Years of quality function largely depend on accurately cut keys. You can expect most locks to function very smoothly once they have been re-keyed by a professional locksmith.
  4. Expect options. Locksmiths are often able to improve your security simply by tailoring your existing locks to your personal needs. Unnecessary risk is often easily trimmed away by minimizing unnecessary access. For example, you may want your personal office key to also open the front door of your business; a locksmith can “master-key” your front door to accept a second key for your employees to use to open your store without giving them access to your personal office.
  5. Expect your locksmith to notice weak points in your security and to give you multiple solutions at various price points. Physical security is a important layer we all use to protect our family and property. Often, simple and inexpensive alterations can be made to homes and businesses effectively, reducing the risk of theft by increasing the time, knowledge, equipment, and noise required to forcefully enter a home or business.
  6. Expect a fair price. It is a reasonable expectation to know what kind of money you will be spending. Ask about pricing before you hire a contractor out! Not one legitimate locksmith I know will hesitate to provide a clear and accurate quote. In fact, we prefer to inform you on our rates before accepting the work.

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